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Coming to Website thiepnhanai.com you will have access to accurate legal information, follow the law, provide basic and in-depth knowledge completely FREE in the field of Legal Documents and Forms, personal income tax calculation, how to write a letter of introduction, divorce application, job application, resignation letter with the latest speeches, reviews of Party members, ….

1. What is thiepnhanai.com?

Hoa Tieu is a website about legal FAQs, explaining legal issues as well as forms and documents needed and commonly encountered in life, which are shared completely free of charge.

2. Mission thiepnhanai.com

HoaTieu was born in 2020 with the desire to become a reputable legal question and answer site for users, helping users to access many documents, good and in-depth documents with the best quality without cost. No service fees at all.

3. Vision thiepnhanai.com

HoaTieu is trying to become the largest website in Vietnam with a large number of users, a quality site that provides legal information, consulting documents, tips, you may not know for free to help people continue Access to a variety of utilities, extensive professional knowledge, bring the most benefits to users.

4. The main content on thiepnhanai.com

Legal documents: Quickly update legal documents such as Circulars, Decrees, Decisions, Official Officials issued by the Government, Ministries, Departments, People’s Committees of provinces and cities with the latest documents. guide the Law, Decree, analyze and clarify for readers to understand better.

Legal dissemination: Outstanding information of current legal documents, summarized, distilled and presented in the easiest way for users to understand.

Forms: Including administrative forms, denunciation forms, job applications, resignations, divorces,…

Legal FAQs: Answering questions about the law, from how to calculate personal income tax, look up tax codes, look up the health insurance payment process, land transfer procedures, etc. latest legislation.

Materials: Provide extensive references from Skills, daily delicacies, harvest articles, beautiful house models to vows, penance prayers, beauty care secrets, skin care sent to readers for reference.

All information on the website is provided free of charge. Thank you very much to our readers for always supporting and accompanying us. If you need to contact us with comments, please send information via email [email protected]