The Boys 10 Things Only Comic Book Fans Know About Homelander

The Boys: 10 Things Only Comic Book Fans Know About Homelander


Homelander is the ultimate villainous Supe in The Boys, but in the comics, he is even worse… and even more complicated.

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The Boys 10 Things Only Comic Book Fans Know About Homelander

Content Warning: This list includes mentions of sexual assault and extreme violence.

In the bizarre world of The Boys, the leader of the Seven is Homelander, a Supe who dresses up in the colors of the American flag and almost always has a smile pasted on his face. However, underneath that facade of truth and justice is a homicidal egomaniac who can go to any heights to do whatever he wants.

While Anthony Starr captures this unstable behavior with menacing beauty in the series, the comic books actually show him as more immature. In this regard, the former actually humanized his character with positive results, as compared to the character’s barbaric brutality in Garth Ennis’ comic storyline.

10 Killing Terror

The Boys 10 Things Only Comic Book Fans Know About Homelander

Homelander has often engaged in wanton killing, an instance being when he randomly brought Terror’s life to an end. Terror was the loyal bulldog of Billy Butcher who often accompanied him in his violent adventures.

Terror’s death became a turning point in comics as this urged Butcher to increase the scale of his war against the Supes. Hellbent on revenge, Butcher lives up to his name butchering Supes like Jack from Jupiter. He also blackmails Homelander through photographs that show him engaging in acts of cannibalism.

9 Homelander’s Clone

The Boys 10 Things Only Comic Book Fans Know About Homelander

It’s revealed in the comics that Homelander was created out of DNA strains from Stormfront (who’s a male Supe in the comics, in contrast to his television counterpart). However, towards the very final issues, readers get to know that Vought America had also secretly engineered a clone of Homelander himself who would kill and replace him if he ever “went off the rails”.

This clone was always hiding in plain sight, as it’s revealed to be none other than the masked member of the Seven, Black Noir.

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8 A Coup At The White House

The Boys 10 Things Only Comic Book Fans Know About Homelander

Hints of Homelander’s “uprising” are present in the second season of The Boys as is evident from a sequence where he imagines brutally massacring his social critics by firing laser beams at them.

After Billy Butcher blackmails him with the aforementioned photos of cannibalism, the public starts questioning Homelander’s heroics. Disappointed with the hate he gets, he indicates that the Supes need to impose their own rule. This plan comes to fruition when Homelander does manage to stage a coup at the White House, killing the President and any other Supe in his way.

7 Queen Maeve’s Death

The Boys 10 Things Only Comic Book Fans Know About Homelander

Disillusioned with Homelander’s growing violence and other issues, Queen Maeve turns into an informant for The Boys just like Starlight. Homelander eventually finds out the truth as he threatens Maeve and Starlight. Willing to sacrifice herself, she throws Starlight out of the building to ensure her safety.

She herself takes on Homelander but to her dismay, Maeve’s sword turns out to be a metal prop. It takes Homelander no time to behead her and throw away her head.

6 What Made Queen Maeve An Informant?

The Boys 10 Things Only Comic Book Fans Know About Homelander

Queen Maeve and Homelander once shared a relationship that ended when Maeve was tricked into having sex with Black Noir, a sexual assault devised by Homelander himself, who (appallingly) found it amusing. Maeve’s unawareness of who she was with was understandable given that Black Noir has the same face as Homelander (although this was unknown to the latter back then).

This proved to be the last straw and what led her to become an informant for the vigilante team known as The Boys.

5 A Sexual Predator

The Boys 10 Things Only Comic Book Fans Know About Homelander

The comic version of Homelander is shown to be a sexual predator right from the start, having abused Starlight and later, the new Seven recruit known as Soldier Boy. In fact, in the Herogasm story arc, he manipulated Soldier Boy into sleeping with him by making him think this was an “audition” to get a seat for The Seven.

Even though Soldier Boy will be making his live-action debut in Season 3, showrunner Eric Kripke has stated that while Herogasm would be featured in this season, the particular scene between Homelander and Soldier Boy wouldn’t make the cut.

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4 Homelander’s Mother

The Boys 10 Things Only Comic Book Fans Know About Homelander

As mentioned earlier, Homelander inherited Stormfront’s DNA. Despite his fabricated Superman-like backstory, he still had a biological mother. As Vought increasingly tested Compound V on infants, one of the Jane Does taken for the experiments gave birth to Homelander.

This woman was never mentioned again as she was probably killed off by Vought, or Homelander himself killed her unknowingly. The second theory is based on the fact that the powers he unleashed right after his birth were uncontrollable to the extent that he ended up killing everyone in the vicinity.

3 Homelander’s Son

The Boys 10 Things Only Comic Book Fans Know About Homelander

The show’s story arc of Homelander’s attempts to father Becca’s child is a major deviation from the comics in which Butcher ends up killing the child right after its birth.

After Homelander impregnated Becca in the comics, she dies while giving birth to a superpowered baby who immediately commences shooting laser beams at Billy Butcher. In a desperate attempt to survive, Butcher ends up murdering the baby with a bedside lamp.

2 Homelander Never Harmed Billy And Becca Intentionally

The Boys 10 Things Only Comic Book Fans Know About Homelander

Becca’s child was technically never fathered by Homelander in the comics as it was Black Noir (who was revealed to be his clone) who intentionally abused her and made her pregnant.

This was all a part of Noir’s over-the-top plan to replace Homelander as he knew that Becca’s eventual death would cause Billy Butcher to wage a war against Homelander. So, while Homelander is definitely a sadistic tyrant in the comics, he never meant to destroy the Butchers’ lives.

1 He Could Have Stopped 9/11

The unexpected and tragic plane crash scene was darker in The Boys #21, once again proving Homelander’s villainy. As one of the planes is headed towards the Twin Towers on 9/11, Homelander arrives at the scene with Mister Marathon and Queen Maeve,

However, Homelander lacks all control over his powers as he rips open the door and crashes through the plane, killing not just the hijackers but also hundreds of passengers. Eventually, the plane crashes at Brooklyn Bridge killing everyone aboard, including the speedster Mister Marathon. While Homelander is unnerved by the incident, he manages to move past it – something Maeve couldn’t do.

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