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George is an SEO Specialist and Data Scientist in the Portsmouth office. He has worked in E-Commerce and Digital Marketing across many industries, for and with companies all over Europe. Before joining Vertical Leap, George worked as Marketing Director for his own company, for which he managed to expand the company’s activities to 5 European countries.

In this case, different touchpoints get fairer “weights” based on their position in the user’s journey. The first and last touch points receive a 40% credit allocation as they are deemed more important than what happened in the interim. Allows you to optimise different campaigns/channels, matching different steps of the customer journey.

Streamlined affiliate payments


Advertisers are looking for reach, and even more specifically for consumers who shop online. The cashback websites of OrangeBuddies Media have built up a huge reach in recent years. These are loyal members who frequently store online and come back for repeat purchases. From the beginning we have used various channels, both online and offline, to recruit members. Because of this you can see pretty quickly what works and what doesn’t. What works in the Netherlands does not necessarily work in other European countries.

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Because it’s the only channel where an advertiser can choose to pay for the sale or not. In order to manage cross-media campaigns brands MUST go beyond the last-click attribution model and look at the entire journey – anything else will cause brands to distribute their budget in a way that will harm them. Every marketer will probably be able to tell which activities drove traffic to their website, but the problem is that their view is incomplete at best and wrong at worst.

How attribution models work, why you need them and which one to use.

Google compares the click paths of customers who convert, and those who don’t, to identify patterns and assign attribution based on this. We’ve talked about an example conversion journey and some hypotheticals on how each of the 5 attribution models would credit the touch points in that journey. We’ve also looked at how assisted conversions can help you diagnose a potential attribution problem.

affiliate attribution model

Alternatively you can protect that budget, leaving it out of your model and reporting on it separately. Many marketing managers do this for other channels like SEO – so if vouchers are a required element of the sales process, they become a cost of sale rather than marketing budget. You may find that a signification proportion of your sales have a last-click attribution of affiliates, when you may know intuitively that this does not reflect the true customer journey. For example, if you were driving sales with a direct mail or social media campaign – a previously installed voucher plugin could offer a voucher code right at the point of sale. In this scenario the affiliate adds no value , but claims all the glory.

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Are your product descriptions mind-numbingly dull?

In the example provided, you might have some opinions about which channels should get credit for that conversion and how that credit should be weighted. If you’re interesting in finding out how we can fuel demand for your brand and business, then get in touch. The problem with affiliate programmes is that they often claim responsibility for sales that would have gone through regardless of their involvement – leading to misleading attribution. The second phase, they start moving the CPC/CPM commissions to CPA by removing the exception and paying these publishers on a performance basis as well. Real Attribution gives advertisers the power to weigh the elements that count most when increasing revenue.

affiliate attribution model

Based on that assessment, you might choose to stop that display campaign. In all likelihood, even if you’ve never considered attribution modelling, you are already doing it. The best small business marketing system way to understand the true value of affiliates is to set structured tests. This could be through a detailed analysis of the user journey, or through turning affiliates off and on .

Decision time

Essentially, attribution modelling boils down to distilling the purchase journey, and optimising marketing campaigns for conversions. With this exclusive technology, advertisers can automatically remunerate multiple publishers and touchpoints per transaction in the affiliate channel. The demand in the market for such product is high and it will satisfy a need that has existed for years.

Predictably, this debate, among the many others will be ongoing for quite some time, but only a full change in direction from all companies involved will truly shape the future of affiliate marketing. Another form of multi-touch attribution, it gives more credit to the interaction which led directly to a conversion. However it still gives value to the previous touch-points – though these receive less of the credit the further back it goes.

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