World of Warcraft Reveals the Male Alternative to the Succubus Demon

World of Warcraft Reveals the Male Alternative to the Succubus Demon

World of Warcraft makes good on its promise to include the much-desired male incubus demon as an option for Warlocks in Eternity’s End.

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Near the end of September, World of Warcraft released a statement clarifying its reasoning for the subtle changes to inappropriate quests, game assets, names, and dialogue across the board. Within that statement, World of Warcraft also promised to implement the male incubus demon as an option for Warlocks to summon–a promise whose results have just recently been datamined.

In World of Warcraft, the Warlock class can summon a number of demons to aid them in combat. The succubus–a sultry female-presenting demon who charms foes and fights with a whip–has been one of those options since the game was released 17 years ago. Once the model is officially added to the game in Eternity’s End, Warlock characters will be able to use a special glyph to change the appearance of the female succubus into the male incubus.

The model itself is faithful in its similartity to their succubus sisters. The incubus is wearing just about as much as the scantily-clad succubus is, wielding a multi-headed scourge instead of a whip. The incubus’s wings are much larger than his female counterpart, but otherwise looks like an excellent gender swap of the seductive succubus, down to his sauntering walk animation.

World of Warcraft’s recent press release was not the first time the incubus had been mentioned. Back in 2011, Blizzard had expressed plans to implement male and female options for all of the gendered demons Warlocks can summon. On a similar notion, World of Warcraft has made similar additions in the past–in Patch 9.1.5, it added male prostitute NPCs to the brothels of Karazhan and the Black Temple from Burning Crusade.

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The majority of World of Warcraft players are already thirsting over the incubus. World of Warcraft has a tendency to exaggerate the musculature of masculine models in game, so many feared the incubus would follow suit. However, World of Warcraft has kept the incubus’s model’s muscles to a manageable level, so many WoW players are already planning their new Warlock characters so they can summon their own incubi.

As always, some players were not pleased by the inclusion of the incubus. They claim incubi break established lore, as there have not been incubi shown in the Warcraft universe before, or that adding the option makes no sense when Blizzard has been removing so many other examples of sexualization from the game. These players are not the intended audience for the incubus’ inclusion. In almost every case, equal representation between all genders is an admirable goal to strive for, and including a male option in a place where the harmful “temptress” stereotype otherwise ran rampant is as important as including women in places otherwise dominated by men.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is available on PC. The Eternity’s End update is currently in development.

Source: Wowhead

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