10 Great OutToSea Movies Besides Titanic & Where To Watch Them

10 Great Out-To-Sea Movies Besides Titanic & Where To Watch Them


Titanic is the movie most people think about when it comes to the sea but there are some other greats you can stream today!

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10 Great OutToSea Movies Besides Titanic & Where To Watch Them

Life at sea is not always paradise. Movies remind viewers of that easily, primarily with the horror films that take place on the water (or under it). But there are certainly plenty of big box office hits and smaller out-at-sea movies that remained fan favorites long after they were released.

Moviegoers automatically think about the one-and-only couple (that could have made it through if only he had a chance to fit on the floating piece in the Atlantic), Jack and Rose from Titanic. However, there are countless other films that grip viewers tight and keep them engaged until the end, whether they involve romance, action, horror, or all of the above.

10 Adrift (Netflix)

10 Great OutToSea Movies Besides Titanic & Where To Watch Them

Shailene Woodley plays the important role of Tami Oldham, based on the true story of her and her fiancee who set sail from Tahiti to San Diego.

Woodley and Sam Clafin nailed their respective roles in Adrift as the two sailors that fall in love. Adventure and fearlessness come into play throughout the beginning of this film, only to then twist into a heartbreaking reality for the duo when they get stranded at sea. Netflix currently has this film available to stream.

9 Captain Phillips (FuboTV)

10 Great OutToSea Movies Besides Titanic & Where To Watch Them

That iconic line from brilliant actor (aside from the great Tom Hanks), Barkhad Abdi, “Look at me, I am the captain now,” showcases how Captain Phillips displays the fright that happens when an entire ship is taken over by pirates.

Like any other role, Hanks played the captain genuinely, showing his demeanor under stress and also the effects of the fearful event he goes through. This movie is currently offered on FuboTV.

8 The Triangle (Youtube)

10 Great OutToSea Movies Besides Titanic & Where To Watch Them

There are a myriad of versions of what happens in the middle of The Bermuda Triangle, but all the films mostly involve the haunting and inexplicable circumstances that people are put through in this location. This 2001 television movie stars the late Luke Perry, follows that trope.

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A couple of friends go to Bermuda and go out to the triangle for some fun. They originally have absolutely no idea that (spoilers ahead) the triangle is basically a wormhole and they’ve been missing for quite some time when they went out deeper through the water. The best part is that anyone can search for this film on Youtube (no subscription required) and watch it for free at this time.

7 The Shallows (FX)

10 Great OutToSea Movies Besides Titanic & Where To Watch Them

Aside from being another shark-infested flick, Blake Lively portrays a convincing one-woman show trying to evade a killer shark attack.

Being that most of the film takes place on one rock in the middle of the water, the entire plot is unique because this one location is already extremely suspenseful. Unfortunately for the main character, life at sea is not the best for her for a while. The Shallows is currently streaming with a subscription to FX.

6 47 Meters Down: Uncaged (Amazon Prime)

10 Great OutToSea Movies Besides Titanic & Where To Watch Them

The first 47 Meters Down film is available to purchase on multiple platforms, but its sequel is available to stream on Amazon Prime as part of a subscription

Aside from its seriously tough-as-nails ending, the entire film has some pretty cool shots under the sea. The teenage girls that wind up in this deeply gnarly trouble have state-of-the-art scuba gear as they try to find a way out of the underwater maze. The threat of the sharks isn’t the only frightening aspect of their traumatic adventure.

5 All Pirates of the Caribbean Films (Disney Plus & Starz)

10 Great OutToSea Movies Besides Titanic & Where To Watch Them

Some consider the Pirates of the Caribbean series to be the best swashbuckler movies of all time. Each film is detailed with the most intricate details in the landscape, costumes, and characters. The romance and action tie up each film with unique endings.

The presence out at sea is full for the audience to swallow, as they watch the waves crash and the pirates fight when they approach Jack Sparrow’s beloved horizon. The comical moments throughout each film lighten up this treacherous sea life they all are living. Four of the five films can be accessed on Disney Plus, while On Stranger Tides is on Starz!

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4 Cast Away (HBO)

10 Great OutToSea Movies Besides Titanic & Where To Watch Them

Tom Hanks is at it again here with another oceanic, adventurous role, except this one is one of his earlier films that helped his stardom. The movie is considered a work of art with its combination of love, intelligence, and survival overall to get through the struggle of living on an island for years.

The concept of loneliness is frightening for people to live through. However, that is precisely what keeps audiences fishing for more as they watch the main character live a new life out in the middle of the entire ocean. Cast Away is now streaming on HBO!

3 Finding Dory (Disney Plus)

10 Great OutToSea Movies Besides Titanic & Where To Watch Them

Everyone knows about Finding Nemo and deem it as one of Pixar’s best creations. But what about Dory’s sequel? This happy movie isn’t always given as much attention now, possibly because some fans are still very attached to Nemo.

Finding Dory is a fun adventure under the sea. It’s hard for Pixar veteran and new generation viewers to not enjoy this swim with Dory. Since it’s a Disney film, anyone can stream it on Disney Plus, of course.

2 Aquaman (HBO Max)

10 Great OutToSea Movies Besides Titanic & Where To Watch Them

Jason Momoa does not disappoint in his role as the badass underwater superhero. It’s impressive to watch as he easily can switch positions in life on land and under the sea.

Arthur isn’t the typical hero because his aggression definitely makes his position look questionable at times, but it’s obvious that his intentions are good as his quest is personal because his mother is involved. The movie’s ending is a refreshing sight because of its comical and lighthearted aura. Aquaman is currently streaming on HBO Max.

1 Nim’s Island (Available To Rent Amazon Prime)

Many may have forgotten one of Abigail Breslin’s coolest roles of her career. Nim’s Island follows a young girl who lives on an island with her intelligent father. When he leaves for a scientific mission, Nim is left alone for a bit which causes concern.

The little girl’s inspiration with “Alex Rover” leads to an interesting encounter with Jodie Foster’s anxious character, an author, but Nim believes she is an actual adventurer. The family-friendly film depicts a child’s daily life out at sea on an island—an inspirational sight for younger viewers to see. This movie can be rented on Amazon Prime.

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