10 Times 80s SciFi Movies Predicted The Future

10 Times ’80s Sci-Fi Movies Predicted The Future


These 10 80s movies were able to predict the future in the eeriest ways.

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10 Times 80s SciFi Movies Predicted The Future

Who doesn’t love the ‘80’s? The decade is responsible for many cult classics that find themselves being loved by generation after generation and speculated to find the smaller details. Some of the movies even made a pretty accurate guess about the future that came true, with some of their other guesses completely missing the mark. In this article, we will cover the 10 ‘80s movies that predicted the future. Even if it isn’t a full-on event, everything guess came true, and you just may be surprised at who guess what first.

10 Back To The Future II (1989)- Wearable Computers

10 Times 80s SciFi Movies Predicted The Future

Amidst many wrong guesses, Back To The Future got one right. In the second movie, we see Marty’s younger son watching television through his glasses. Google Glasses hit the market in 2014 and provided users with internet access, though a good bit more limited than what we see in the second movie. Google sold the prototypes for these for around $1,500 before they were made fully public. Occulus Rift is another worth noting, with its take on entertainment being more game-based. Each of these products are still very much in their infancy

9 Electric Dreams (1984)- Home Automation

10 Times 80s SciFi Movies Predicted The Future

While our home appliances aren’t hell-bent on killing us, this movie got part of the equations right. The movie revolves around the dawn of PCs, and how they integrated themselves into our daily lives. Every home appliance was taken over from toasters to door locks, and the system seemed somewhat like another version of HAL from Space Odyssey. Thankfully we have a much better relationship with our automated appliances. Thanks to technological works such as Alexa, a small home computer can take control over pretty much anything we let it.

8 Weird Science (1985) – 3-D Printing

10 Times 80s SciFi Movies Predicted The Future

Weird Science gave a nod to the future of 3-D Printing, but the technology behind it is way, way off track from how it’s actually done. The results are drastically different as well, with humans being impossible to print out (thankfully) but you can always make yourself a snazzy replica of whatever you find suitable. Although the concept of 3D printing was introduced by Dr. Hideo in 1981, Weird Science predicted it could be used in your home with just some simple plastic. As far as we know, Dr. Hideo was the very first to patent the idea.

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7 Blade Runner (1982)- Digital Billboards

10 Times 80s SciFi Movies Predicted The Future

Even though our billboards today don’t look exactly like the ones in Blade Runner, they certainly have become more popular since the ’80s. If you live in a huge metropolitan area, there’s no doubt you’ve seen a few of these marketing some sort of product or service. There are some places (such as Times Square) that have these taking up huge sections of the building. These are seen more in areas of high-traffic, where companies know people will undoubtedly see their ads. It can really be hard not to, especially when they take up half the building

6 The Terminator (1984)- Military Drones

10 Times 80s SciFi Movies Predicted The Future

While we could certainly put “Military Robots” under The Terminator, The T-800’s aren’t the only tool in Skynet’s arsenal. In many of the future war scenes, drones are clearly visible, and absolutely destroying everything on the ground. We also see various versions of these drones throughout the franchise (unless you count everything after Terminator 2 non-canon) The first-ever military drone was put to the test in 2002, and the CIA placed Osama Bin Laden as it’s the first target. Since then, the drones have only gotten more volatile in terms of firepower and software.

5 WarGames (1983) -Cyber Warfare

10 Times 80s SciFi Movies Predicted The Future

This is probably one of the most spot on-predictions on this list, and the whole movie served as a warning for a cyber-connected world. WarGames predicted cyber-warfare or hacking way before mainstream internet was even a thing, and managed to stick with audiences despite it. Hacking concepts were explored, and explained to the public simply enough for it to stick. It also notes wardriving, which is where you essentially drive around for suitable wi-fi networks to hack. WarGames used the term “firewall” first as well, and the term stuck immediately.

4 Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior (1981)- Resource Wars

10 Times 80s SciFi Movies Predicted The Future

Resource wars have been around for a very long time, so we can’t say that Mad Max 2 completely predicted this type of conflict. However, it was the very first to show us what it would look like in a future apocalyptic setting, with the coveted resources being primarily water and gas. Resource wars aren’t as prevalent as they used to be, but in recent year’s we’ve seen countries go after Mad Max resources such as oil in countries such as Chad, and the Congo. What is disturbing is the fact that resource wars are expected to rise soon.

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3 Short Circuit (1986) – Military Robots

10 Times 80s SciFi Movies Predicted The Future

Johnny 5 is the iconic robot from the movie Short Circuit, and it’s hard not to smile when he shows up on screen due to his personality. Aside from all the humor he brings on screen, Johnny 5 was created for a much, much darker purpose than bringing smiles and aww’s. He was designed as a military robot and came equipped with both offensive and defensive features for the front lines. Today, this is very much a real thing, and it has been for a few decades. The U.S is stocked with multiple UGV’s (Unmanned Ground Vehicles) that lack many risks humane personal would bring.

2 Airplane II: The Sequel (1982) – Airport Body Scanners

10 Times 80s SciFi Movies Predicted The Future

This prediction really started out as just a gag, and the movie is one that you really either hate or love. The little gadget was found funny by many box-officer goers but wasn’t too happy whenever the TSA actually implemented them 30 years later. Yes, that’s right. The TSA really had nude image scanners in many airports, and you can imagine the stir they caused when it was brought to light. It’s unpopularity saw the scanners taken down completely, and there isn’t a single airport in the US to use it.

1 Escape From New York (1981)- Holograms

Escape From New York is without doubt one of Kurt Russells best movies, and one of his tools lands the movie on our list. Alongside a personal assault rifle that he adorns throughout the movie, he is also equipped with a personal hologram projector that he can use to send and receive messages. We don’t have it as commercially available as he did in the movie, and our hologram technology isn’t exactly as up to par. We do however have holograms that we use for entertainment, with Elvis Presley and Tupac still hosting some gigs through this technology.

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