Anastasia 10 Best Quotes From The Movie

Anastasia: 10 Best Quotes From The Movie


1997’s Anastasia tells the story of the lost princess Anastasia Romanov. It also features an incredible cast of quotable characters.

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Anastasia 10 Best Quotes From The Movie

The 1990s may have been the heyday of Disney animated films, but the 1997 Don Bluth animated classic Anastasia still stands the test of time as one of the best animated movies to come out of that crowded decade. The film, a fictionalized telling of what could have happened had young Anastasia survived the fall of the Romanov empire, deftly blends comedy, drama, and musical elements.

It also features some incredible voice acting work from cast members including Meg Ryan, John Cusack, Kelsey Grammer, Christopher Lloyd, Angela Lansbury, and the always perfect Hank Azaria. Through its impressive cast, and a script that’s equal parts smart and sentimental, Anastasia has plenty of quotes well worth remembering after all these years.

10 “Grandma, it’s me. Anastasia.”

Anastasia 10 Best Quotes From The Movie

One of the key plots at the center of Anastasia finds conmen Dimitri and Vlad seeking out a convincing Anastasia impostor to fool the Empress Marie. It’s a dark storyline when one thinks about it, but within the world of the film, it’s treated humorously and produces many of the film’s biggest laughs.

One such moment comes when an unignorably horrible Anastasia impostor arrives for an audition. Much too old, caked in makeup, and smoking a particularly long cigarette, this particular impostor would already be memorable even before her iconic single line.

9 “Men are such babies.”

Anastasia 10 Best Quotes From The Movie

Anastasia and Dimitri butt heads with one another from the moment they first meet. It’s part of their charm, as the film follows their eventual falling for one another, and the journey they take from unlikely bedfellows to future soulmates.

As they travel together, along with Vlad, aboard the train, they find themselves forced to travel in close quarters and get on each other’s nerves even more as a result. When Dimitri wakes Anya, she instinctively smacks him in the face, which he believes to have broken his nose and earns him this witty retort from Anya.

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8 “They’ve eloped. Isn’t it romantic? It’s a perfect ending.” “No. It’s a perfect beginning.”

Anastasia 10 Best Quotes From The Movie

Anastasia and Dimitri’s relationship happens organically over the course of the film, though in true fairytale fashion, it also happens very quickly. By the end of the movie, once Anastasia’s identity is revealed, the young lovers have snuck off and eloped.

Though it might be the end of the story in one sense, Empress Marie makes the poignant and insightful remark that this isn’t just the perfect happy ending for these two – it’s the perfect beginning for the rest of their lives together.

7 “This is for Dimitri. This is for my family. And this? This is for you. Dasvindaniya.”

Anastasia 10 Best Quotes From The Movie

Anastasia may not have been a Disney princess when the film was first released by Fox in 1997, but she still gets to have a classic Disney princess face off with the film’s villain near the end of the narrative.

Anastasia saves not only herself, but Dimitri, and her family’s legacy, and her whole country, too, when she faces off with the villainous Rasputin. She puts an end to his reign of evil once and for all, and produces one of the movie’s most instantly iconic moments in doing so.

6 “I’d give her a ha. And a hi-ya. And then a ooh-wha. And I’d kick her, sir.”

Anastasia 10 Best Quotes From The Movie

Poor Bartok. Though the bat might be Rasputin’s unwilling sidekick, he’s a good little bat deep down, which leads to his character having many of the film’s most hilarious lines. He even earned his own spin-off film, released direct to video in 1999 as Bartok the Magnificent.

In one of his many attempts to comfort and support his fearsome employer, Bartok delivers the hilarious list of things he would to do Anastasia if he had the chance. Hank Azaria’s impeccable line delivery here only makes this moment all the more hilarious.

5 “I guess every lonely girl would hope she’s a princess.”

Anastasia 10 Best Quotes From The Movie

If there was a quote from Anastasia to perfectly summarize the film’s storyline, this would be it. Anastasia lives most of her life as an orphan and street urchin among the urban world of Russia, having no memory of her childhood and her true royal origins.

But even still, Anya holds close the dreams of a world in which she could one day be or have been a princess. The strains of music she holds close to her memory from these days only further reaffirm that fact, and her subconscious memories of that time.

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4 “On the wind, across the sea, hear this song and remember. Soon you’ll be home with me once upon a December.”

Anastasia 10 Best Quotes From The Movie

Speaking of those same musical strains, few moments in the film provide more emotional weight and cathartic release than in the scenes where the heartbreakingly beautiful song “Once Upon a December” is featured. The song is played via the music box gifted to Anastasia by her grandmother.

Its lyrics – equally nostalgic and forlorn, hopeful and heartbreaking – perfectly suit the melancholy nature of Anastasia’s central storyline, and fittingly provide the perfect basis of Anya and her grandmother Marie’s eventual reunion.

3 “Oh, Anastasia. My Anastasia.”

Anastasia 10 Best Quotes From The Movie

That same reunion features one of the film’s most heartbreaking and heartwarming moments. Empress Marie has lived a life filled with pain, following the unthinkable loss of her family and their storied legacy, and her pain has only been redoubled by the attempts of so many to fool her into thinking her granddaughter has been found.

Her steely demeanor when she first meets Anastasia is understandable, therefore, and it also makes her eventual emotional collapse and release all the more devastating and joyful at the same time when she realizes her Anastasia is alive after all these years.

2 “Princesses don’t marry kitchen boys.”

Anastasia 10 Best Quotes From The Movie

At its core, Anastasia is a deeply romantic film – one that tries to find the hope and the unlikely even in the darkest and most hopeless of situations. Dimitri is a conman fully aware of the cynical and disappointing world that he lives in, and the world he makes his money off of at that.

No matter his feelings for Anastasia, and their shared history in the Romanov palace, Dimitri is fully subscribed to a belief he has held for his entire life: “Princesses don’t marry kitchen boys.” But even someone as street smart as Dimitri can be wrong.

1 “Why the change of mind?” “It was more a change of heart.”

From an outside perspective, the central story of Anastasia could be seen as offensive, given its focus on an attempted long con on an elderly woman who has already lost so much. But the film proves that it is aware of its own false cynicism and selfishness when the redemption of Dimitri’s character.

Dimitri “saves” himself, and his future, through his love of Anastasia. He reforms his ways, and tries to do only the right thing. Through attempting a con, Dimitri found the real deal – in more ways than one – and had both his mind and heart changed for the better.

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