Best Methods to Secure a PS5 This Holiday

Best Methods to Secure a PS5 This Holiday


While it’s not nearly as difficult as it once was, finding and buying a PS5 this holiday may still be difficult without employing certain methods.

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Best Methods to Secure a PS5 This Holiday

Back when the ninth console generation first released last fall, it was especially difficult for fans to get their hands on Sony’s and Microsoft’s latest hardware. Many figured the ongoing pandemic at the time would slow down or otherwise delay the launch of the next PlayStation or Xbox, but even though supply was sparse, both consoles launched. Almost immediately, fans were frustrated with how acquiring a console was near-impossible, and things remained that way well into 2021 as well. However, in the latter half of the year, finding a PS5 for sale (at least, in an official capacity) does not involve nearly as much perseverance and luck with retailers.

Things have changed since last November, and securing a next-gen console is genuinely getting easier, even if it may not seem so at first. Sure, the hardware shortage and unit scarcity is still way higher compared to pre-pandemic console launches, but getting a PS5 in 2021 is far less troublesome than it used to be. More and more people are starting to get their hands on Sony’s latest console, meaning there’s less of a degree of constant observance and reminders required to get a PS5. That being said, it’s still impossible to just waltz into a store and snag one. For anyone still dedicated to getting a PS5 this winter, there are a few methods fans should employ.

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Following Sale Notifications Is The Best Bet

Even though it is certainly easier to purchase a PS5 from standard retailers like GameStop or Best Buy, one of the most consistently successful methods of buying a PS5 is following sale notifications. There’s newsletters and RSS feeds, but easily the best method of tracking resale announcements and when sale pages go live is through social media.

This method, along with a healthy degree of persistence, is the easiest way to track down a viable option for purchasing a PS5 through an official retailer. Whether it’s one of the various bots on Twitter, or people like Matt Swider, there are plenty of resources for tracking when and where a PS5 is going to be sold next. The only negative with this approach is that it still requires a bit of dedication; turning on post notifications and reacting quickly is the best way to ensure players get their share of PS5 stock.

Aim For PS5 Bundles, If Affordable

Best Methods to Secure a PS5 This Holiday

Another method that can be particularly helpful in securing a PS5 is specifically targeting bundles, assuming players can afford them. Admittedly this is really a method reserved for enthusiasts, or at least those who deem the value of the bundle to be worth the typically higher MSRP. Not all bundles are created equal, but for each bundle, it’s almost always the case that it’s easier to secure a console through a bundle purchase than standalone.

Generally, player interest in bundles is much lower in comparison to a base PS5, mostly because of the typical price requirement of a bundle alone is enough to dissuade most consumers. However, assuming the deal is worth it to potential buyers, splurging on a bundle could be beneficial to players in the long run. Regardless of whether or not fans take advantage of the full bundle or not is up to them, but it is an easier way to ensure they can buy a PS5 from major retailers.

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Registering For PlayStation Direct Does Help

Aside from bundles and tracking drops from the major retailers, Sony actually offers players its own program to sign up for PlayStation’s direct purchase pool. Fans with a PlayStation account can sign up for free, which places them in a queue that is meant to ensure members are able to gain the “opportunity” to purchase a PS5 from Sony directly. It’s certainly not ideal, and the selection criteria is nebulous to say the least (“Our selection is based on previous interests and PlayStation activities.”), but it’s at least some degree of insurance for PlayStation fans.

In a similar sense, fans can also register for whatever storefronts that players would prefer to purchase a PS5 from, as some sites prioritize buyers already signed in. That doesn’t necessarily mean sign up for eight accounts for eight different retailers all at once, as finding a PS5 is not nearly as desperate as it once was, but it could certainly help.

Of course, players can certainly explore third-party sellers if they truly want to, but buying a PS5 from a reseller should ulitmately be a last resort choice. It’s certainly easier, but that comes with the obvious caveat that it’ll be nearly impossible to find a PS5 at MSRP on places like Ebay or StockX. However, with a little effort, the aforementioned methods have proven to be successful among consumers. Those who are certainly in the market for PS5 will more than likely find success from these methods, now more than ever.

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