Dragon Ball Super Finally Reunites The Z Warriors Even Yamcha

Dragon Ball Super Finally Reunites The Z Warriors… Even Yamcha

After focusing on Goku and Vegeta for so long, Dragon Ball Super finally brings all of the Z Warriors together…even the forgotten man, Yamcha.

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Dragon Ball Super Finally Reunites The Z Warriors Even Yamcha

The latest installment of Dragon Ball Super featured a rousing reunion of the original Z Warriors, and even found time to give a big moment to a forgotten hero. Although not a patch on Akira Toriyama’s original story, Dragon Ball Super has proved to be a worthy continuation of the franchise and has been responsible for some exciting new additions, such as the Gods of Destruction, the Super Saiyan God transformation and a canon version of Broly. However. Dragon Ball Super has very much been the Goku and Vegeta show. Popular fighters such as Piccolo, Gohan and Tien have been largely sidelined in the sequel series, and even when these supporting characters do get some spotlight, it’s never as a full group.

In Dragon Ball Super’s current arc, the Earth is under attack from an evil ancient wizard known as Moro, who eats the energy of the planets he conquers. The new villain has already soundly beaten Goku and Vegeta by robbing them of their ability to transform and the Saiyan duo are currently undergoing vigorous training in order to level up. Meanwhile, Moro’s troops headed to Earth and did battle with the likes of Piccolo, Gohan and Krillin, ultimately retreating under the promise to return with reinforcements.

In the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super, Moro’s gang launch a renewed attack on Earth and they are met by the collective might of the entire Z Warrior team, including some rarely-seen characters that many fans thought would never fight again. The full team consists of Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin, Tien, Master Roshi, Chiaotzu and Yamcha. They are later backed up by Androids 17 & 18 to round out the Dragon Ball Z squad. Even more shockingly, Yamcha gets to lead a unit of Galactic Patrol officers and single-handedly mops up a bunch of Moro’s goons with a swagger the character hasn’t displayed in years.

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Both the reformation of the entire Z Warrior team and the fact that Yamcha is afforded a few scenes to look strong are landmark moments for Dragon Ball Super. There’s an element of nostalgia in seeing these characters back together saving the Earth once again, but also a sense of eventual justice after absent from the series for so long. The whole gang hasn’t come together to fight like this since the classic era. Yamcha’s sporadic appearances in Dragon Ball Super even became somewhat of a running joke, with Goku even forgetting to ask him about entering the Tournament of Power. A reunion almost took place when Frieza invaded Earth in the Resurrection F movie, but Yamcha and Chiaotzu were deemed too weak for the battle. Thankfully, the latest Dragon Ball Super puts a little more faith in the duo and recaptures the glory days of Dragon Ball Z.

It goes without saying that Goku and Vegeta will still be the ones to finally defeat Moro and save the Earth, and fans have come to expect nothing less. But previous arcs, even the Tournament of Power, have downplayed the usefulness of the other Z Warriors in the face of the two Saiyans’ rapid growth in power. With the reunion against Moro’s fighters, Dragon Ball Super goes some way to rectifying this mistake and allows fans to spend time with some of their other favorite characters. Whether or not this moment will ever be translated into anime form is currently unknown, but if the return of the full Z Warriors team ever does make it to the big or small screen, the nostalgia level will be well over 9000.

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