Relationship in Vietnam Culture

Vietnamese culture has a one of a kind pair of traditions and customs encompassing marriage. Many of these are rooted inside the country’s ancient history and are still thought to be important aspects of Vietnamese wedding ceremonies today.

Among the most well-known and traditional of all Vietnamese wedding rituals is the proposal ceremony, or le atteinte ngo. This is when the groom’s family requires the bride’s parents for approval to be his official partner, and it is likewise the first step in a good series of ceremonies prior to his and her real wedding.

Proposal Ceremonies


The main objective of this meeting is to understand the two families’ expectations and plans for future jointly. The few is expected to bring a betel and areca leaf towards the meeting; these gifts are regarded as emblems of respect, good fortune and take pleasure in.

Another important the main proposal service is the gift-giving; the groom’s family will visit the bride’s property with round red ename boxes that contain tea, cakes, fruit, wine beverage, tobacco, areca leaves, betel nut products and other offerings. These types of boxes will be wrapped in red man made fibre and taken by unmarried young boys or girls in reddish colored clothing.

Nighttime procession to the bride’s house

Once the groom’s parents have been given approval to obtain the new bride, they lead a procession to her house, just where they will invite the bride inside to begin the marriage ceremony. This kind of part of the wedding is often omitted in modern weddings, which can consist exclusively of a spiritual ceremony accompanied by a large reception in the evening.

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Groom’s Gifts

In Vietnam, the groom and his family obtain a lot of wedding ceremony items. These can involve jewelry, funds, clothing and a roasting pig. The bride’s family will divide these types of gifts in two parts and give the groom’s portion to his mom for her to share with him.

These types of gifts certainly are a sign of respect, honor and affection to the groom’s family for bringing them very much joy and joy on their wedding party daytime. The items are also a means of offerring a message towards the bride’s family members that they will be very well taken care of in the coming years.

Wedding Jewelry

The groom’s family brings a number of marriage ceremony vietnames dating site rings to the bride’s family; they are a sign of their generosity and commitment with her throughout their marriage. A lot of Vietnamese families may also exchange wedding party bands by a separate Traditional western style wedding, but this may not be standard.

Wedding Days

In Vietnam, wedding times are often selected by a Buddhist monk or maybe a fortune teller. The couple’s birthdays, Zodiac signs and a number of other elements are used to decide the day they will tie the knot.

It is common for the groom to handle his star of the event over the tolerance of their fresh home, in order to guarantee good luck and fertility. This really is called tai dai and is also considered blessed in Vietnamese culture.

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