10 Hilarious Details in The Background of Movies

10 Hilarious Details in The Background of Movies


Sometimes the best jokes, mistakes, or actors can be found hidden in a movie’s background. Here are a few from some of our favorite films!

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10 Hilarious Details in The Background of Movies

Whether it’s pulse-pounding action or gut-wrenching drama, movies only succeed if they keep audiences glues to what they’re putting in the spotlight. At least, that’s the plan. But what happens when a movie’s best jokes, weirdest scenes, or wittiest references are being made where nobody should be looking?

Here are Screen Rant’s 10 Hilarious Details in the Background of Movies.

Mr. Nanny

10 Hilarious Details in The Background of Movies

Our list proves that a background actor or extra can give a movie something special, but when Hulk Hogan’s adventure in babysitting ends, there’s only one thing viewers will ask: was that guy throwing his dog into a lake? The inexplicable background detail has become a cult favorite, when Hulk’s motorcycle montage features, with no explanation, a man tossing his pet into water. The dog seems more surprised and confused than actually bothered – it’s a dog, after all – but was it planned? Was the man an actor, or was it a total coincidence? The questions have lasted longer than the Hulkster’s career, meaning that dog at least deserves a supporting credit. And don’t worry, no dogs were harmed in the making of this film.

Despicable Me

10 Hilarious Details in The Background of Movies

The yellow minions of Despicable Me were runaway hits, scoring their own film and too many products to count. But did you know that minions can get a little romantic when no one’s watching? When Gru and his gang are celebrating their past acts of supervillainy, one minion gets so excited, he can’t help but plant a passionate kiss on his coworker. It went over pretty well. When their rocket makes it to the moon later in the movie, the kisser becomes the kissee – with the romanced minion returning the favor.

Star Wars

10 Hilarious Details in The Background of Movies

You have to hand it to Boba Fett: he’s only on screen for a minute or two of the original Star Wars trilogy, but still just as famous as Darth Vader or his stormtroopers. But most fans don’t realize the bounty hunter’s death is meant to make Boba Fett the butt of one of the trilogy’s best slapstick gags. They’ll remember Han Solo activating Fett’s jet pack by accident, sending him into the Sarlacc, but Luke’s lightsaber fight usually distracts fans from the ice cold killer hilariously flailing through the air across the frame. Not to mention the stunt kick that actor Mark Hamill misses by a good two feet.

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Jurassic Park

10 Hilarious Details in The Background of Movies

It’s impossible to forget the moment that Jurassic Park’s massive Tyrannosaurus Rex was revealed, changing movie history along with it. But aside from CG, the practical dinosaur animatronic helped bring the creature to life, especially as it chowed down on a goat. We all know that the T-Rex was just movie magic, but the scene itself breaks the illusion a few times. The best example? When the rex throws its head back to swallow the goat whole, and the camera follows – revealing the sprinkler head spraying directly onto the puppet. No wonder he was so angry.

Year One

10 Hilarious Details in The Background of Movies

The final film from Ghostbusters creator Harold Ramis wasn’t a big hit with critics or audiences, but the caveman comedy Year One managed to sneak one of its best jokes into the background. While the heroes carry out a scene in front of the camera, a background character seems to be getting…. familiar with a goat (but not exactly the way you’d expect). It’s the actor’s excitement and silent cheer as the other extras look on that seals the joke, even if most viewers will miss it completely.

The Lego Movie

10 Hilarious Details in The Background of Movies

The world of LEGO can take you anywhere, but when it comes to food, the toys have been limited. Croissants and sausages are two of the most popular solutions, since they actually fit the LEGO figures hands. In The LEGO Movie, the filmmakers couldn’t help themselves from making a joke with that in mind. When the movie’s heroes smash into a train in the Old West, keep an eye on the last pig on board. The heroes land on the train, but the pig smashes into the ground – bursting into a cloud of sausages. More proof that no one ever really dies in a world where everything is awesome.

Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory

10 Hilarious Details in The Background of Movies

Who can make the world taste good? The Candy Man can! That’s according to an early song in Willy Wonka, delivered with handfuls of candy by a candy store owner. You can tell it’s only a movie when he lets the kids help themselves to the treats behind the counter, but for one girl, things get very real. In hindsight, she probably shouldn’t have been resting her head on the counter knowing it was going to be opened, but seeing her drilled in the chin – and it somehow being the best take – is just one more reason to watch it all over again.

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The Last Samurai

10 Hilarious Details in The Background of Movies

It’s a proven fact that animals in Hollywood are unpredictable, and the more serious a scene, the more trouble they’ll cause. Fans of Tom Cruise’s Last Samurai will forever wonder how they could have missed this unscripted moment from the hero’s horse, proving that bullets and bombs weren’t the only things Samurai had to worry about. Apparently Tom Cruise wasn’t as gifted a rider as his horse seemed to think, with a poor extra taking the punishment.

Everything Must Go

10 Hilarious Details in The Background of Movies

It’s a shame this Will Ferrell dramedy wasn’t a blockbuster hit, since even more people could have witnessed one of the weirdest background movie moments ever. When Ferrell’s character visits a high school friend, they carry on their scene as her children play in the front yard. But when the kids appear in the background completely motionless, it’s impossible to look away. The young actors were probably told not to be distracting and keep still, but the result has viewers wondering if they’ve suddenly stumbled into an unsettling horror movie…

Raiders of The Lost Ark

Everyone knows that the infamous gun vs sword showdown in the first Indiana Jones adventure wasn’t entirely planned, with Harrison Ford’s illness seeing the extended fight cut for a quick gag. But the inside joke means viewers might miss the other gem of the scene: the world’s laziest butcher over Indy’s shoulder. Sure, hammering a butcher’s knife in the background of a scene would be distracting, or even dangerous. But the weak chops the extra settled on are distracting – in an even better way.


Those are the best jokes and details we could find hidden in the background of our favorite movies, but which ones have we missed? Be sure to tell us in the comments, and remember to subscribe to our channel for more videos like this one!

Screen Rant Editor Andrew Dyce was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Despite calling the vast nothingness of the Canadian prairies home (or perhaps because of it) film and television have been a passion since birth. As a graduate of the University of Manitoba with a degree in English Literature, Andrew has grown to appreciate the story and writing behind everything from blockbuster comic book movies to schlocky B-movie action.

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