10 Things About The John Wick Movies That Make No Sense

10 Things About The John Wick Movies That Make No Sense


The John Wick films are some of the greatest action flicks of all time, but sometimes they simply don’t make any realistic sense, to say the least.

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10 Things About The John Wick Movies That Make No Sense

The John Wick films have been hailed as some of the most innovative and visually stunning contributions to the action genre in the last several decades, and have permeated all facets of pop culture. They combine balletic combat sequences with complex world-building to deliver a high-octane thrill-ride that features high caliber acting talent lead by a return-to-form Keanu Reeves. Reeves plays a retired hitman pulled once more into the secretive hierarchical world of contract killers he thought he left behind, hellbent on a mission of vengeance.

With three films and counting, the John Wick franchise shows no sign of slowing down, with each installment proving more popular than the last. Each new film opens up the possibilities for deeper insight into the John Wick Universe, but also for more inconsistencies. Here are 10 things about the John Wick franchise that don’t make sense.


10 Things About The John Wick Movies That Make No Sense

From the first John Wick film to the most recent, the world’s greatest assassin has sustained some extremely heavy damage. He’s been stabbed and shot, as well as gotten into slug-fests that would pulverize a normal person. When does he heal, when all three movies take place in about two weeks?

This is possible for only two reasons: John Wick is more of an archetypal representation of pure “drive” (and his dogmatic ability to keeping getting back up further convinces audiences of this), or everyone is supposed to collectively suspend their disbelief that John Wick is so indefatigable. Unfortunately, the John Wick films are purported to be some of the most “realistic” contributions to the action genre.


10 Things About The John Wick Movies That Make No Sense

In the second John Wick film, John Wick gets outfitted with a fancy bulletproof suit, as well as access to a pretty impressive arsenal, courtesy of The Continental. The sequel takes places roughly “five days” after the first film, so why didn’t the boogey man have one of these suits before?

We see other assassins that are most likely wearing them (Cassian and Ares), so has it been a technical advancement in the last few years for assassins that wasn’t available to John because he was out of the game? It seems like it would have been a good thing to have stashed away in his secret cache of weapons and gold coins from the first film.

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10 Things About The John Wick Movies That Make No Sense

In the John Wick Universe, gold coins are used as the preferred currency, to be exchange for goods such as guns, ammunition, clothing, medical assistance, and even lodgings and refreshments at The Continental. They’re circulated throughout the criminal community under the High Table, where cold hard cash is never used.

While eccentric artifacts are the norm in the John Wick films, the gold coins are of particular interest because their denomination seems to change at random. One gold coin is worth a drink at the bar as well as a room for the night at The Continental, and outside, a ride in a cab or a fast stitch-job of a bullet hole. It’s never made clear exactly how the value of the gold coins is determined.


10 Things About The John Wick Movies That Make No Sense

Part of the fun of the second John Wick film was seeing the world-building, especially in regards to the High Table and its personnel. While we’ve seen the assassins in action, we finally got to see some of the behind-the-scenes crew that facilitate their contracts.

There’s a scene involving a room full of operators that looks straight out of the ’40s, except amidst the pencil skirts and nylon stockings, the ladies are all covered in tattoos. Were they former assassins? The concierge of The Continental was. And why do they operate a decades old switchboard? Is the other analog technology we see purposeful, or instead meant to be a stylistic choice?


10 Things About The John Wick Movies That Make No Sense

When John Wick was an orphaned child, we learn he was brought in by the Tarasov Russian Mafia to be trained as an assassin (and also probably learn ballet). We met the Madam Director of this cohort when he must turn to her for sanctuary from the persecution of the High Table.

Why are they able to operate outside of the High Table’s purview? Why were they able to give John Wick a “ticket”, a talisman that doesn’t show up in any other part of the John Wick universal economy like the gold coins or the blood markers?


10 Things About The John Wick Movies That Make No Sense

It might have looked epic in the crowd scene at the end of John Wick 2 when the entire crowd turned towards him once they got the word he was “Excommunicado”, but it presents a big plothole in the John Wick Universe. By having the entire crowd assassins, it indicates that half the world must be part of the same secretive hierarchical society as Wick.

In fact, there are generally too many assassins chasing after Wick to be believable. Are we supposed to think that every pedestrian and every homeless person is a potential hitman? It may be impressive to look at, but it doesn’t make for a believable premise.


10 Things About The John Wick Movies That Make No Sense

Following a dizzying shootout in a courtyard with a fellow assassin (Halle Berry) and her attack dogs, John Wick is dumped off in the Moroccan desert and told to walk until he can’t walk any further. When he collapses from exhaustion, he’s brought before The Elder, the head of the High Table.

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Why does The Elder choose to have his encampment in the middle of the desert? He’s supposed to be a man of great wisdom and leadership, but he comes across no more sagacious or important than Winston at the Continental. We learn nothing more about the High Table’s history from the man who leads it, or how it’s structured, or what he intended with the collective.


10 Things About The John Wick Movies That Make No Sense

Most assassins in the film are aware of each other’s identity through subtle clues and hints, or on the basis of having previously worked towards a common contract. But there are characters that appear throughout the John Wick cinematic universe under the High Table’s purview that aren’t assassins.

In the first film, the clean-up crew John Wick gives several gold coins to are clearly under the employ of the High Table, but what about Jimmy the cop who seems to be very aware of Wick’s reputation? Or the cab driver in the city who addresses John Wick by name and accepts gold coins as payment? How does John Wick know where his money will be good?


10 Things About The John Wick Movies That Make No Sense

In the first film, John Wick is wholly indifferent to whether or not he lives or dies. He’s consumed by revenge, and hellbent on making those responsible pay for what they did to his puppy and his car, two possessions he seems to value more highly than his own hide.

After he gets his revenge in the first film, he spends the second film continuing this fight for revenge, which by the third film seems completely obsolete. What drives John Wick now, when he’s achieved his vengeance? Apparently he wants to survive to “remember his dead wife”, but what does that look like outside of the context of dodging bullets? Sitting around in a non-existent house, brooding about a life he once had?


After the climactic battle in The Continental, John Wick is “betrayed” by his old friend Winston, and “shot” several times in front of the Adjudicator, tumbling from highest story of the Continental rooftop to the street below, bouncing off a few fire-escapes as he goes.

How exactly does he survive this fall? When the Adjudicator decides to see whether or not he’s actually dead, she can’t find the body, and he’s already escaped off to locate the Bowery King (Laurence Fishburne) and plan a new attack on the High Table. Even as infallible as John Wick is, this scene demanded a lot of disbelief from the audience.

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