8 Fitness Trackers That Are Actually Stylish

8 Fitness Trackers That Are Actually Stylish


The best fitness trackers track your activity, sleep, and other wellness stats, but they can also look like a stylish piece of jewelry.

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8 Fitness Trackers That Are Actually Stylish

Fitness trackers are designed to help people keep on top of their physical activity, including daily steps, active minutes, and calories burned. Many of the latest models also include data like continuous heart rate, sleep duration, and quality and some can display notifications from a wirelessly connected smartphone, including incoming calls, calendar reminders, instant messages, social media updates, and more. They come in many shapes and sizes and are usually either a bracelet-like band or watch-style with a round, square, or rectangular face. But this isn’t always the case.

While those who want something more feature-rich might choose from the best smartwatches instead, in many cases, a fitness tracker might be all you need. And some fitness trackers are designed to look like jewelry on your wrist (or worn elsewhere on the body), with a focus as much on fashion as function.

8 Fitbit Luxe

8 Fitness Trackers That Are Actually Stylish

With the standard silicone band and polished stainless-steel case, the Fitbit Luxe in its most basic version is pretty stylish. It’s ultra-slim, resembling a bracelet, yet the bright screen is easy to read.

The tracker from Fitbit, which was acquired by Google, tracks everything you’d expect, including daily steps, calories burned, active minutes, continuous heart rate, specific sports and exercises, and sleep, plus it displays notifications, with a short preview that you can tap to read more. Upgrade to a band like the stainless-steel strap or the Gorjana link bracelet and this truly is one of the most stylish fitness trackers around.

7 Apple Watch Series 6

8 Fitness Trackers That Are Actually Stylish

Technically, the Apple Watch Series 6 is a smartwatch, not an activity tracker. But considering Apple personifies style and doesn’t actually make a straight fitness band, it warrants the exception and inclusion on the list. Like with any version of the Apple Watch or any Apple product, for that matter, the newest Apple Watch Series 6 is pretty stylish.

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It might be much more expensive than many other devices on this list, including Apple’s own Apple Watch SE, but when it comes to iPhone users, it’s the top choice that tracks every sport under the sun and helps wearers achieve fitness goals by closing “rings” for activity, standing, and sleep. Swap out the band for a more fashionable option, from leather to silicone and stainless-steel to the special edition Pride band, and it instantly becomes a piece of jewelry on the wrist.

6 Oura Ring

8 Fitness Trackers That Are Actually Stylish

Uniquely, the Oura Ring activity tracker isn’t worn around the wrist but actually on the finger, tracking activity, health, and wellness information. Made of lightweight titanium and water-resistant, there’s a free sizing kit to ensure you order a ring with the perfect fit. The device measures your pulse and temperature from your finger using infrared light technology.

This information is used to provide scores for readiness, sleep, and activity, as well as calories burned and even naps. While it doesn’t capture the same information in the same way as wrist-worn trackers, for those looking for the most fashionable option, this is an interesting alternative to the bracelet style.

5 Bellabeat Leaf Crystal

8 Fitness Trackers That Are Actually Stylish

Designed specifically for women, the Bellabeat Leaf Crystal can be worn around the wrist, on a chain around your neck, or on a clip anywhere on your body you desire. Gorgeously designed with Swarovski crystals, no one will even know it’s a fitness tracker unless that feature is explicitly pointed out.

Along with tracking activity and sleep, wearers can also use the companion app to get details about their stress level, menstrual cycle, and other wellness content, making it a great device for women trying to conceive.

4 Garmin Vivosmart 4

8 Fitness Trackers That Are Actually Stylish

Garmin is a leader when it comes to performance activity trackers and smartwatches for everyone from athletes and serious runners to anyone looking to get deep-down, nitty-gritty information about their performance. But the brand also has some pretty fashionable options, too, including the Lily smartwatch, which is geared towards women.

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But the Garmin Vivosmart 4 activity tracker, which comes in five colors, is ultra-slim and comes with stylish metal accents. With the capability of tracking additional data, like blood oxygen saturation to see your breathing rate, the screen even automatically adjusts its brightness based on surrounding light.

3 Michael Kors Access

8 Fitness Trackers That Are Actually Stylish

A truly stylish tracker, the Michael Kors Access features the designer brand’s signature name on a small, rounded face that positions on the wrist. It tracks steps, calories, and distance traveled while displaying updates on progress on the screen.

The tracker can also be used to control a wirelessly connected smartphone for music playback, taking a selfie, and even ringing the phone. The best part? It runs on a coin cell battery, which means never having to recharge it – just replace the battery with a new one every four months or so.

2 Withings Steel HR

8 Fitness Trackers That Are Actually Stylish

Designed more like a smartwatch than a fitness band, the Withings Steel HR boasts a simple yet elegant design. It has a standard analog clock face with a small circular embedded digital screen at the top where wearers can view incoming messages, events, apps, and more, via scrolling text.

With a number of band options that are easy to swap to personalize the look and a generous 25-day battery life, it even works with Apple Health to import more detailed activity data. When it comes to classic, timeless designs, this one fits the bill.

1 Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch HR Monroe

Available in a variety of band options, including stainless steel, black leather, and gold-tone, the Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch HR Monroe is another model that resembles a standard analog wristwatch, but with hidden high-tech features. Connecting via Bluetooth like the others, it can track activity, heart rate, and more.

The tracker is the perfect accessory for the person who doesn’t want an obvious smartwatch on their wrist but also doesn’t want a basic fitness tracking band. Rather, it’s the perfect wristwatch replacement that can be worn with both casual and formal outfits.

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