Fortnite How To Get SpiderMan’s WebShooters

Fortnite: How To Get Spider-Man’s Web-Shooters


Fortnite features Spider-Man’s Web-Shooters as a Mythic Weapon. Players will be able to find it in various backpacks scattered around the island.

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Fortnite How To Get SpiderMan’s WebShooters

Players can collect Spider-Man’s Web-Shooters as a weapon in Fortnite chapter 3. Outside of including one of the world’s most popular superheroes, Fortnite chapter 3 features an entirely new island. A new island means new Named Locations are waiting to be discovered around the map, including the new Daily Bugle. Additionally, Spider-Man is directly tied to this season’s Battle Pass and players looking to add the Spider-Man skin to their collection will need to make it to page 8 to unlock it. The last bit of new Spider-Man content is the Web-Shooters that allow players to swing around the map like Spider-Man. Although, it can be incredibly rare to come across.

Web swinging in Fortnite functions differently compared to the other Spider-Man video game titles. For starters, players need to aim directly at where they wish to shoot the web. After that, the momentum will travel over, and players can soar through the air. It can be challenging to get the hang of swinging initially, but it’s an incredibly useful item to master. Not only is it stylish, but it can be used to get out of tricky situations as it can connect to any high-up service, including rooftops and trees. The item will likely be removed once the season is over, so players should focus on experiencing it when they can.

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Spider-Man’s Web-Shooters are considered a Mythic item. In every match of Fortnite, the items around the island are switched around, making it difficult to find valuable weapons in specific locations. Fortunately, this isn’t the case with the Web-Shooters since they have a high chance to appear in a single location. Players looking to web swing around like Spider-Man should head to the Daily Bugle. In this location, some backpacks spawn, and if the player interacts with them, they have the chance to have the Spider-Man Web-Shooters.

Finding Spider-Man’s Web-Shooters in Fortnite

As an alternative option, backpacks do have the chance to appear in other Named Locations around the map. These are a few different choices.

Overall, this Mythic item is perfect for traveling around the map quickly. It also works directly with any other cosmetic, meaning players won’t need to unlock the Spider-Man skin to use it. This event in Fortnite is to celebrate the release of Spider-Man No Way Home and comes at a perfect time as it has been one of the most heavily anticipated films of the year. More backpacks will likely be added as the map evolves as the season progresses; however, players should focus on collecting this item as early as possible.

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