Pokemon Sword and Shield Heres Every Leaked Pokemon So Far

Pokemon Sword and Shield: Here’s Every Leaked Pokemon So Far


People all over the internet have leaked dozens of new Pokemon for Pokemon Sword and Shield this weekend, and fans can check them all out here.

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Pokemon Sword and Shield Heres Every Leaked Pokemon So Far

Over the past few days, the leaks for Pokemon Sword and Shield have gone from the usual occasional thing to a major deluge of revealing information from dataminers and internet sleuths. New Pokemon have getting revealed so quickly and from so many different sources that it’s been almost impossible to keep track of them all. With that in mind, it may help to have all of it summed up in one place.

With only twelve days left before the first mainline Pokemon RPGs for a console finally come out, it’s safe to assume that copies of Pokemon Sword and Shield have been making their way into the wild, where leakers can get their hands on them. As such, there’s a good chance that the new Pokemon that have emerged this weekend are very much real, but we won’t know for absolute sure until Nintendo either says something or the games launch.

Starter Evolutions

The unofficial Pokemon reveals started on Friday with leakers revealing what they claimed were the mid-stage evolutions for two of the games’ starter Pokemon, Grookey and Sobble. This was followed up later that day by alleged screenshots of Grookey and Sobble’s final evolutions, which will apparently be called Rillaboom and Inteleon, respectively.

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Pokemon Sword and Shield Heres Every Leaked Pokemon So Far

As for Sword and Shield’s third starter, Scorbunny, leaks from yesterday and earlier today claim that Scorbunny’s evolutions will be called Raboot and Cinderace, and will be soccer-themed (since the Galar region is based on the UK and soccer is popular there).

Brand New Pokemon

A lot of the reveals from this weekend’s leak-bomb were screenshots or images of never-before-seen Pokemon allegedly showing up in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Among them were a new massive-eyed caterpillar named Blipbug, a sand-themed snake called Silicobra (and its evolution, Sandaconda), a Fighting-type octopus called Clobbopus, and a fiery bug called Centiskorch.

There are multiple new Pokemon that could just be summed up as the animal they’re based on, like Skwovet (a squirrel), Arrakouda (a barracuda), and an unnamed fox Pokemon, but most of the new Pokemon look to be more memorable than that. For instance, the leaks include what could be the first glimpse at Eternatus, an “evil” legendary Pokemon that has been rumored to be in Sword and Shield for months.

New Evolutions, Gigantamax Forms, and Types

There were also plenty of new forms revealed for previously-announced Pokemon from both Sword and Shield and earlier games. These include evolutions for confirmed Generation 8 Pokemon like Wooloo, Yamper, and Rolycoly. Meanwhile, the leaks claim that one of the first new Pokemon to be announced for Sword and Shield, Corviknight, is actually the final evolution of two other Pokemon, Rookidee and Corvisquire, both of which were leaked as well.

New Galarian variants were revealed for Farfetch’d, Rapidash, and Meowth, with the Steel-type Galarian Meowth even coming with its own unique evolution, Perrserker. Moreover, in keeping with earlier rumors, Galarian Rapidash will apparently be a Psychic/Fairy type. Leakers also uncovered images of what look like new Gigantamax forms for Pokemon including Garbador, Kingler, Lapras, Machamp, and Rolycoly.

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Altogether, over 60 new Pokemon and Pokemon evolutions/variations have been revealed so far, but we’ll have to wait and see if they’re real or not. We shouldn’t have long to wait, though, as rumor has it that new Pokemon Sword and Shield details will be confirmed during a Nintendo Direct on November 13, like the starter Pokemon’s evolutions.

Pokemon Sword and Shield come out on November 15 for the Switch.

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