Schitts Creek 5 Best Supporting Characters (& 5 Worst)

Schitt’s Creek: 5 Best Supporting Characters (& 5 Worst)


After being picked up by Netflix, Schitt’s Creek became a sensation. Here are the highs and lows of its supporting characters throughout its run.

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Schitts Creek 5 Best Supporting Characters (& 5 Worst)

A small, low-budget Canadian series created by actor Eugene Levy and his son Dan Levy, Schitt’s Creek slowly but surely developed a massive following. After being picked up by Netflix, the show about a wealthy family who loses everything and is forced to live in a small town in the middle of nowhere became a massive sensation. Sadly, the Levys decided to end the series after its sixth season, just when people were discovering the show.

While it went out on a high note and had a fabulous main cast that included the Levys along with Catherine O’Hara (Moira), Annie Murphy (Alexis), Jennifer Robertson (Jocelyn), Emily Hampshire (Stevie), Dustin Milligan (Ted), Sarah Levy (Twyla), and Chris Elliott (Roland), there were some wonderful supporting characters, too. But also, some that weren’t so great.

10 Ray Butani: Best

Schitts Creek 5 Best Supporting Characters (& 5 Worst)

Hilariously implying just how small the town of Schitt’s Creek was, Ray kept popping up in various jobs. It seemed he was not only the town’s resident real estate agent, but also the travel agent, photographer, and Christmas tree salesman.

Somehow, he also found time to be on the town council until he realized something had to give and resigned from that job. No matter what he was doing, however, Ray always had a smile on his face. And while he could be annoying at times, viewers couldn’t help but smile whenever he was on screen at his over-exaggerated enthusiasm.

9 Gwen Currie: Worst

Schitts Creek 5 Best Supporting Characters (& 5 Worst)

Gwen wasn’t seen often on the show, most notably in that one scene when Johnny and Moira accidentally went to her and Bob’s cottage instead of Roland’s. She was also a member of the Jazzagals a cappella group.

But the reason she makes the Schitt list (pun intended) is that she left her devoted and loving husband Bob for, it seems, a number of trysts with various men. Described as a handsome woman, even if Bob seemed overbearing at times, she should have made an effort to mend things with him.

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8 Wendy Kurtz: Best

Schitts Creek 5 Best Supporting Characters (& 5 Worst)

She was so adorably oblivious that viewers couldn’t help but love her. Owner of the Blouse Barn, which, by Elmdale standards, was considered an “upscale” boutique, she had the good sense to hire David, who helped her turn the shop around, or at least attract a different clientele.

After David helped her out of a jam, she took up with another man who was like David’s clone but, obvious to everyone but Wendy, conning her and her customers. She meant well and hopefully, Wendy was able to finally meet the right man for her.

7 Jake: Worst

Schitts Creek 5 Best Supporting Characters (& 5 Worst)

The personification of someone who was “open to anything,” Jake would unabashedly date anyone and everyone, often at the same time and with no desire to hide it. While viewers had to respect his open nature, he was weirdly too affectionate, and it was uncomfortable to watch.

He also seemed to come on to everyone, including Patrick right in front of David. Sure, he was a talented woodshop worker and totally bucked stereotypes. And he should be admired for his no-care attitude. But he was a bit…much.

6 Ivan: Best

Schitts Creek 5 Best Supporting Characters (& 5 Worst)

Who is Ivan? You might have forgotten but he was a very memorable face. The Eastern European quarry worker, he seemed rough around the edges. But it was revealed that he was actually a talented baker who took great care in his baked goods.

He was tasked with providing pastries, namely cinnamon buns, for a new continental breakfast at the Rosebud Motel. He secretly pined for Twyla, and even though viewers were rooting for him to build up the confidence to ask her out, he never did.

5 Emir Kaplan: Worst

Schitts Creek 5 Best Supporting Characters (& 5 Worst)

Actor Ennis Esmer is absolutely amazing in the series Blindspot, on which he has a starring role. But his short stint as a recurring character in the fifth season of this show left much to be desired.

An important online blogger who wrote about motels and restaurants, his visit sparked a romantic relationship between him and Stevie. But when he broke her heart by suggesting it was nothing more than a casual thing, he instantly entered the Schitt list, pun intended.

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4 Patrick Brewer: Best

Schitts Creek 5 Best Supporting Characters (& 5 Worst)

Serenading his boyfriend, following his heart, and knowing exactly how to deal with David’s quirks and idiosyncrasies, Patrick was as perfect a boyfriend as there ever could be. First, a recurring character when he joined the cast in season three and then a main character, he was one of the most beloved new faces on the show.

Patrick was tasked with helping David file all the right paperwork for starting his business, but it was obvious from the get-go that he was going over and beyond because he was attracted to him. They began a relationship and eventually got married in one of the sweetest ceremonies ever seen on television.

3 Mutt Schitt: Worst

Schitts Creek 5 Best Supporting Characters (& 5 Worst)

Whatever happened to Mutt? The somewhat estranged son of the town mayor Roland and his wife Jocelyn, Mutt decided to live a simple life in a barn. He was clearly the town bad boy, which is why he attracted the attention of Alexis when the Rose’s arrived (while he was still dating Twyla).

After their short romance, however, and his failed relationship with another woman, he disappeared. Where did he go? It’s clear there was no story to tell about the character and he was oddly never spoken of again.

2 Veronica “Ronnie” Lee: Best

Schitts Creek 5 Best Supporting Characters (& 5 Worst)

She was technically a main cast member, appearing in every episode throughout the show’s entire six-season run. And she provided comic relief as the level-headed small-town woman who was simultaneously annoyed and amused by the Rose’s.

Despite that, she was never judgemental, always did what she could to help, and was someone everyone in the community relied on.

1 Robert “Bob” Currie: Worst

Another character who was technically a main cast member, Bob owned the local mechanic shop so he knew everyone in town. He had, at some point, sold a car to someone, fixed their car, or both.

His signature mannerism of running up to someone to chat with his hands weirdly waving in front of his torso and his seemingly desperate nature and unhealthy attachment to his wife made him more of an annoyance than a pleasure to watch. The show could have easily done without the character.

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