Too Hot To Handle Harry Removes Tattoo He Got With Ex Francesca Farago

Too Hot To Handle: Harry Removes Tattoo He Got With Ex Francesca Farago

After the breakup with Francesca Farago, Too Hot To Handle’s Harry Jowsey has removed his matching tattoo and has apparently moved on to someone else.

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Too Hot To Handle Harry Removes Tattoo He Got With Ex Francesca Farago

Too Hot To Handle couple Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago announced their split almost a month back. Now, the Aussie boy has taken the final step of removing the matching tattoo that the couple got.

The steamy pair first met while filming for their dating reality show last year. On the “sexless” retreat, the duo had sexual pleasures every now and then. After the filming completed, they continued to date for a while. But, got separated due to long-distance as Harry lives in California, and Francesca was based in Vancouver. After a long break of eight months, the couple decided to get back in February this year. Interestingly, their show was set to release in April. Their co-stars cum Harry’s ex Madison claimed that it was a well-planned move to garner the audience’s interest. When the show arrived, they seemed like the most genuine couple from the series who were still going strong. As proof of their undying love, they even got matching tattoos on their index fingers.

The coupe got tiny lightning bolts inked as a reminder of the ‘sparks’ they felt between each other. While explaining the reason behind the tattoos, Harry said, “There were just so many sparks between us that we thought we may as well get it tattooed.” Fast forward two months, he got the tattoo removed and dared to record the moment for his fans. Guess, it was yet another stunt to grab following on his profile? He uploaded the video on his TikTok, which has now been watched over 10 million times. The 23-year-old captioned it as “We went through all of that to be strangers again” and chose Trippie Redd’s “Throw it Away” for the background music.

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While the IG model says that the reason for their break up is long-distance, Harry states that he just fell out of love. That’s cruel, but it is what it is. There are also reports that Harry is planning to feature on The Bachelor Australia. For that, he needs to be single. It looks like it was all a gimmick for Harry and Francesca. Well, we can’t blame them for faking (if they were) their relationship. They are social media influencers, and it’s their job to stay relevant and be in the news.

Consequently, they did become the most talked about a couple of the show, and their social media following has exponentially increased since they appeared on the series. Still, at the same time, Francesca is heartbroken. We think that the Canadian beauty actually fell in love with her ex-boyfriend. Let’s see if she gets rid of her ink? Or is she planning to keep it? Too Hot to Handle season 1 is available to stream on Netflix.

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